Cellist / Singer / Sitarist
1989: MK18/The Field-B5-B13-SE15-SE5

The Yelding family were a tribe who moved with travelling fairs and later became a part of Circus history. Their occupations included carriage painters, musicians, clowns and bareback horse riders. Pete’s first name comes from his Grandad on his Moma’s side, an artist from Goole whose family, the Bottomlys, worked the railways.

Moving between an estate in a small town near Milton Keynes and off grid communes in Norfolk & Suffolk via his Moma’s illustrated caravan, Pete grew up playing Cello in Western Classical ensembles, in Rock&Pop bands, with Djs at raves, with Mandinka Griots and Gnawa musicians. He studied Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire, where he also began training in Hindustani music on Sitar. He now performs regularly, in numerous contexts from weddings and restaurants to festivals and concert halls. In composition, performance and improvisation, his vocal, cello and sitar techniques overlap, creating a musical voice that is easy to recognise for its melodically intricate and texturally visceral qualities. While his work has taken many forms, from solo performances to interdisciplinary collaborations, songwriting, improvisation, and a spoon-sharp politicised wit remain constants at the centre of his practice.


Enquiries: info @ peteyelding . com