1989: MK18-B5-B13-SE15-SE5
Pete is from the Yelding family, a tribe rooted in Circus history and before that, travelling fairs.

He is currently based in S.E. LDN. He writes songs, improvises and notates for others. His main instruments are Cello, Voice and Sitar. His practice is defined by participation in numerous musical spaces. He grew up playing Cello in Classical ensembles, in Rock&Pop bands, with Mandinka Griots and Gnawa musicians. He studied Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire, where he also began his training in Hindustani musicking on Sitar. He recently spent time developing his Cello technique with Nyanyeru player, Juldeh Camara as part of a Masters in Creative Practice at Goldsmiths. Pete’s compositions range from solo performances to interdisciplinary collaborations.


Pete.yelding @

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