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Photo: Katarzyna Borek

Pete is a cellist, sitarist and vocalist from a long family line of travelling performers. His unique musical voice draws from his training in Hindustani music, composition and the guidance he has received from Mandinka and Fulani Griots.

As a student of Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan, his sitar playing follows the style of the Lucknow-Shahjahnpur Gharana, albeit with a modern twist as a result of his training before meeting Khansaheb.

He has devised new ways to play the cello, including making use of a simple cam strap capo. He has also designed and built a new instrument, the ‘gourd cello’, which has a cello bridge, strings and neck with a wooden soundboard and calabash body.

He combines cello, sitar and vocal techniques to create intricate melodies and visceral textures, which shape soulful songs, pieces and improvisations.


Enquiries: peteyelding @ gmail . com