1989: MK18-B5-B13-SE15-SE5

Pete has developed a unique sound to his records and respective instrumental practices through consciously seeking to acknowledge every aspect of his complex musical DNA in all of his work, which ranges from solo performances to interdisciplinary collaborations in several mediums and contexts

He is from the Yelding family, a tribe rooted in Circus history and before that, travelling fairs. Currently based in S.E. LDN, he writes songs, improvises and notates for others. His main instruments are Cello, Sitar and VoiceHe grew up playing Cello in Classical ensembles, in Rock&Pop bands, with Djs at raves, with Mandinka Griots and Gnawa musicians. During is Bachelor in Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire, he began his training in Hindustani music on Sitar under Clem Alford. Since then, most of his work has been rooted in raga theory and other  modal systems. In 2016 he spent time developing his Cello technique with Nyanyeru player, Juldeh Camara. This began his current work involving making the shared histories of stringed instruments and their players more evident in his practice, which is as concerned with social structures as musical ones.


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