1989: MK18-B5-B13-SE15-SE5

Cellist / Singer / Sitarist: PY has developed a unique sound in his respective instrumental practices, through seeking to acknowledge every aspect of his multifaceted musical DNA.

His surname comes from the Yelding family, a tribe who moved with travelling fairs and later became a part of Circus history. His first name comes from his Grandad on his Moma’s side, an artist from Goole whose family worked the railways. Interdisciplinarity and movement have shaped PY’s lens on the world and his musical life. He grew up mediating multiple spaces between his housing estate near Milton Keynes and off grid communes in Norfolk, via his Moma’s illustrated caravan. He played Cello in Western Classical ensembles, in Rock&Pop bands, with Djs at raves, with Mandinka Griots and Gnawa musicians. During his Bachelor in Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire, he began his training in Hindustani music on Sitar. Since then, most of his work has been rooted in raga theory and other modal systems. In 2016 he spent time developing his Cello technique with Nyanyeru player, Juldeh Camara. PY performs regularly and his work ranges from solo performances to interdisciplinary collaborations in several mediums and contexts.


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