In 2008, as he was commencing his Conservatoire training in European composition, Pete met his sitar teacher Clem Alford, one of the first European sitar players and still one of the finest. The study of Hindustani music and Raga Theory has become Pete’s main point of reference in all the music he makes and he now performs regularly on sitar in London and beyond. His style is still evolving, but draws heavily on Clem’s sound, from the Senia Gharana. However, while Pete still plays a full decoration, shaker style sitar, he strings it in the Khan style. While he doesn’t seek to move stylistically towards the Imdadkhani Gharana, he has allowed himself to be softly influenced by some elements of Gayaki. As a British sitarist with a diverse musical background, he also strives to incorporate elements of his wider musical experience into his playing, such as his approaches to melodic decoration and phrasing that he has learnt from playing with Griots.

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